Revisiting Matthew

I am nearing the climax (yes, the innuendo is deliberate) of Chapter 6, the penultimate chapter, of The Four Matthews, and have taken a short hiatus from the writing process to reread the novel thus far.
It is always an interesting and refreshing exercise, this.  It spurs me to ‘keep at it,’ at a stage when enthusiasm for a seemingly never-ending project can all too easily flag, and reassures me that what I have written is not always the drivel I imagine it to be.

It is so beneficial to see the ‘whole’ rather than the bite-sized chunks I’ve been used to along the journey.  When writing you can spend weeks so focused on one paragraph, or passage, or chapter, that it can become hard to see the wood for the trees, as it were.
It also reminds me of why I love writing so much and why life is too short for me to not persevere with it.  We all need our escapism in life – whether our means to it is writing, or hang gliding, or tai chi, or even watching Carry On films (see my post below).
For those of you following my Four Matthews chapters on here (two of you, I think), Chapter 6 will appear here very shortly…


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