Such fun!

Have started groundwork on my fifth ‘nov,’ which is to be called Majella Bracebridge.  Am fleshing out characters and mapping plots.

It’s an exciting stage, this, in the creation of a brand new work.  All these plot ideas flying at me, waiting to be ordered into a coherent storyline.  All those lovely blank pages waiting to be filled.  Writing really is fun, and I need to keep that in mind to prevent it ever becoming a chore.

Perhaps I need to keep quoting ‘Such fun,’ in the manner of Miranda Hart’s snooty mother in that wonderful sitcom, whenever the dreaded writer’s block strikes and it threatens to turn into a chore and a slog.  Writing is a wonderful hobby because it does give you the freedom to be totally creative and fill blank pages with absolutely anything.

Yes, I’m sure that all sounds terribly pretentious, but hey.


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