Calling Inspiration…Where are you, Inspiration???

I am longing to be published again.  It’s been nearly a year since Girlie Weekend/TV Spa-Dom appeared in glorious print in My Weekly – and even longer since Where Did You Get That Hat?/Flash Harry was published in Yours – and I am itching to see my byline in a magazine again.  I would hate to think that was the end of my short fiction-writing career.

Friends constantly ask me if I have any my stories in the pipeline.  I’ve been working on the novel, of course, so haven’t churned out any short pieces for some time.

I just need inspiration to wallop me!!!

I desperately want to get another story published.  It has become like a need inside me now.  I suppose it’s a need for recognition; confirmation that I am worth something.  But I just have no ideas.  I am so frustrated and uninspired.  I love being creative and hate it when the ideas refuse to flow out of me.


Saddle up

Spent an interesting afternoon in Walsall today (yes, that can be done).

The town boasts a super modern art gallery and a museum dedictated to its once world famous leather industry.  As my regular reader(s) will know, I do like a bit of history.

Walsall Art Gallery

'Bonfire' by Bob and Roberta Smith

View across Walsall from the top floor of the art gallery

Not a great pic, but this is in fact an exhibit at the art gallery - called, appropriately, 'Bin Bag,' by Gavin Turk

Walsall Leather Museum. One of the volunteer guides here is a lovely and very eloquent 90-year-old man named Ron who has worked in the leather industry for 76 years.

Happy New Year!!

Hope Christmas was not too traumatic for you, and 2011 brings you all that you hope and long for.

Well, from a selfish point of view, I hope it does for me.  Hubby and I are desperate to move.  Well we have been desperate for three years, but in 2011 it simply HAS to happen at any cost.  Project House Move will have to be our number one priority this year.

Unfortunately this means the writing may well have to be put on the back burner for a while.  I mean, I will be working on Majella Bracebridge when I can – I couldn’t live without writing, after all, and it will provide a nice outlet – but other things will have to take priority this year.  We have to decorate first, and then bite the bullet and go back on the market.

It is going to be a case of fitting in a bit of writing as and when I get a spare moment.  If I complete any chapters of the new nov, obviously you will be the first to know.

I probably haven’t been as prolific a blogger as I could have been throughout 2010, but this year will make a concerted effort to keep you posted a bit more often.

I have had a very difficult year, to tell you the truth, and anticipate further hard times ahead in 2011.