Ramblings after a couple of ciders…

I am attempting to write another story for My Weekly.  I am planning a 700-word piece for the Coffee Break section called Scents of Time, in which a girl called Roberta is preparing a romantic meal for her boyfriend Patrick and likes to set the scene with some of her favourite scented candles.  It’s aimed at being a mood piece that this particular magazine seems to favour.

I feel under a lot of pressure trying to submit something to My Weekly again.  Having already had a piece published in that magazine, I feel added, self-inflicted, pressure to succeed again.  I know I will feel gutted if anything I submit to MW in the future gets rejected. It will feel like a step backwards; as though my work has got worse.

I just want to get back into the swing of writing short stories.  I like to take my proverbial pen for a walk across the page.  I want to feel uninhibited; as though I can confidently let language free to dance across the page; metaphorically dance barefoot along the beach.  I really like writing my novels, and the manuscript of Majella Bracebridge is really what I am looking forward to getting back to, but am itching to get some more short pieces in print.

I just wish I could be more prolific.  Is the ability to write prolifically something that comes with experience, I wonder, or just one of those traits you either have or you don’t?


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