Fish Food

Yesterday was my birthday, and my feet briefly became fish food when I took myself off for a fish pedicure, followed by a full body massage. 

I’d fancied the 1-hour massage anyway, but when I found out my local beauty salon had started doing fish pedicures I decided, based on the “I’ll try anything once” principle, to book a 15-minute treatment.  Tiny, toothless fish nibble at your dead skin, leaving you with baby-soft tootsies.  I thought it would be one of those things I would either love or find a bit squeamy. 

My feet were firstly washed in a foot spa, then I was asked to place them into the tank filled with scores of tiny Garra Rufa fish.  I was encouraged to keep my feet as still as possible, to avoid shaking the fish off.  I was advised it would tickle to begin with but then as I became accustomed it would feel more like a massage.  This advice was absolutely correct. 

I was given an OK magazine, and read about Beverley Callard’s latest wedding while the Garra Rufa nipped at my bunions.  Those little fish really went for me – clearly there must have been something about my feet that attracted them.  It was an unusual sensation to begin with: ticklish, resembling a very mild electric shock, but then yes it did become more akin to a very pleasant massage.  It was lovely.  I now feel like booking a course of such treatments.  It can be my thing to look forward to each week.

The massage was lovely too, of course.  I hadn’t had a full body one for years, and I just love the warm, relaxing sensation; the heady scent of lavender; being enveloped in towels.

In all, it was a perfect, chilled-out birthday.  At my age I don’t particularly crave thrills and spills – just to spend the day relaxing is enough.



  1. Nina said,

    February 20, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    “…my feet became fish food” I must admit I shuddered! 🙂 One for the brave and very unsqueamish I should think.

    Glad you had a lovely birthday!

  2. leighm123 said,

    February 21, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Thanks Nina!

    Yes, as long as you can get past the whole “fish are eating my feet” idea it’s lovely – honest!! To me it was totally different to being in the sea and having fish nible at you, because at least you could see exactly what was in this tank so there were no nasty surprises (or potential jellyfish)!


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