Reliving the Domesday Project

Permit me a moment of self-indulgence, but I’ve found some fascinating stuff on the BBC website in the last few days.

Does anyone who was at school at the time remember the Domesday Project of 1986?  900 years after William the Conquerer’s original Domesday Book, the good old Beeb launched an ambitious project involving schoolkids documenting everyday life all over the UK.

Well the BBC website has now resurrected the archive material 25 years on.  Below is the link to the Swindon page, to which I contributed as a callow nine-year-old – that’s not Swindon the town in Wiltshire, by the way, but Swindon the small village in South Staffordshire where I grew up!  By the way, I’m pretty sure I wrote the piece entitled “The Swimley Fete” – and am probably very sad for remembering that!

You might wish to put your own postcode in the search engine and read about your home town/village in 1986!


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