Can I have a P please, Bob?

Sad, nostalgic git that I am, I am loving the current reruns of classic game shows on Challenge TV (channel 46 if you have Freeview).

Ah, who needs a life when you can spend your weekends goggling at the 80s/90s fashions sported by the contestants on Bullseye, 3-2-1, Blankety Blank (Lily Savage era), Blockbusters, The Krypton Factor, Supermarket Sweep (“True, Dale”), Family Fortunes, etc?

I have found a few cheesy clips on YouTube.

Below is a demonstration of the legendary Blockbusters hand jive.  After Friday’s edition of the show the camera would pan across the audience doing this craaaazzy dance:

And here is the intro to 3-2-1, in which, following the “Der-der-der-der-DERR”) Yorkshire TV sig tune, the logo would fly off to become part of the titles, featuring the legendary Dusty Bin:

Fact: when I was about three or four, my parents had a friend called Ted Rogers.  I can remember the acute sense of disappointment I experienced upon discovering that he was not the “real” Ted Rogers!  I wept as my chances of meeting Dusty Bin evaporated before my little eyes!

Moving on…here are the opening titles to Dale’s Supermarket Sweep (“Check it out, check it out”):


My Day at Boycie’s

On Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting a star from one of my favourite programmes, Only Fools and Horses.

I went on a trip (not an acid one) with my mum’s WI (don’t laugh) to Wigmore Abbey, the fascinating – and very old – home of John Challis, alias Boycie.  The exterior scenes of his subsequent series The Green Green Grass were in fact filmed there.  The house is not open to the public as such; John and his wife Carol welcome visitors in groups of a minimum of 20 about six times a year to raise funds towards its no doubt costly upkeep.

It was a fascinating day, and John was lovely.  He had no airs and graces about him whatsoever, and never made a big thing of being a “star,” because the visit was all about the house and not about him.  After a while I almost forgot he was famous, because the history of the 800-year-old house, a former monastery, was so interesting.

I did manage to get a photo taken with him, though, as did my friend Marlene, who couldn’t miss the opportunity to get a “Boycie and Marlene” picture and was chuffed to bits with the result.

Wigmore Abbey

Boycie and Marlene (yes really)

Me with JC

JC gave us a very detailed guided tour of the beautiful garden, then part of the house (though not the family’s private quarters), before dishing up tea and scrummy homemade cakes which were made by Carol.

It was all a bit surreal really, but brilliant.

Fun run results

The results of the Sutton Fun Run, in which my husband and I partook last weekend, are in.  I scraped 2,986th place (out of about 6,000) with a time of 1 hour 36 minutes 48 seconds.

My husband Nathan finished 712th with a time of 1 hour 11 minutes 7 seconds, which I think is phenomenal.  He finished only 8 minutes slower than his brother Nick which, considering Nick is a PE lecturer, and Nath was never sporty until recent years, is brilliant.

The 8.5-mile course is pretty tough and hilly.  I felt I ran pretty well, though.  I can’t see me ever being able to better such a time.  Apologies if this is TMI, but my need for the loo spurred me on!  I really ought to have “gone” before setting off, but knowing the next set of portaloos were at the 5-mile mark (and not wishing to enter the bushes, the way many of the blokes did) induced me to run for my life.  Or at least my bladder.

I took it steady, doing little steps, drinking plenty of water, keeping my shoulders down and concentrating on my breathing.  As a result I ran nearly all the way.

Nathan and I parted company virtually as soon as we crossed the start line, so he could go off and get a really good time, but I didn’t feel alone because there were so many people and such huge crowds cheering everybody on.  There is always a brilliant atmosphere at these events.  I can’t tell you, though, how much of a blessed relief it was to rocket down to that finish line.

RIP Roy Skelton

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Roy Skelton, for many years the voice of those heroes of puppetry Zippy and George (as well as the Daleks from Dr Who).

It’s a weird thought that Zippy and George have died!

Here is Roy being interviewed on The 100 Greatest Kids Shows a few years back: