Can I have a P please, Bob?

Sad, nostalgic git that I am, I am loving the current reruns of classic game shows on Challenge TV (channel 46 if you have Freeview).

Ah, who needs a life when you can spend your weekends goggling at the 80s/90s fashions sported by the contestants on Bullseye, 3-2-1, Blankety Blank (Lily Savage era), Blockbusters, The Krypton Factor, Supermarket Sweep (“True, Dale”), Family Fortunes, etc?

I have found a few cheesy clips on YouTube.

Below is a demonstration of the legendary Blockbusters hand jive.  After Friday’s edition of the show the camera would pan across the audience doing this craaaazzy dance:

And here is the intro to 3-2-1, in which, following the “Der-der-der-der-DERR”) Yorkshire TV sig tune, the logo would fly off to become part of the titles, featuring the legendary Dusty Bin:

Fact: when I was about three or four, my parents had a friend called Ted Rogers.  I can remember the acute sense of disappointment I experienced upon discovering that he was not the “real” Ted Rogers!  I wept as my chances of meeting Dusty Bin evaporated before my little eyes!

Moving on…here are the opening titles to Dale’s Supermarket Sweep (“Check it out, check it out”):


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