Very random musings

I am aware I have been somewhat less than prolific on here of late, and for that I apologise.  Events in my life (I won’t go into details) have pushed writing to the proverbial backburner, and to be honest I doubt I shall be very productive at all this year.

I miss writing, I really do – hence my feeling this urge today to spew forth these utterly miscellaneous ruminations.

In the meantime I am reading as avidly as ever, and drawing inspiration from a fathomless pool of authors I am discovering and adding to my favourites list.  I am currently enjoying David Baddiel’s novels (actually I didn’t even know until recently that he’d written any).  I love his innovatively descriptive prose and “laddish” take on life, death and contemporary relationships.

I have also become newly obsessed with gardens.  The Leigh who would have rather pulled out her own teeth than spend more than one minute in a garden centre is dead.  I now actively seek out gardens, take “arty” close-up photographs of flowers, and am trying to familiarise myself with the names of common plants and blooms.

I watched an excellent (repeated, I think) BBC4 documentary last night about Hidcote Gardens in the Cotswolds, and its designer, the reclusive, eccentric American-born Major Lawrence Johnston.  It’s a National Trust attraction which has special resonance within our family, as my mum served in the tearooms there as a teenager and both my parents and my aunty and uncle had their wedding receptions there in the 1970s.  I have never actually visited Hidcote, but this programme served as a marvellous advert for it.  In fact I had no idea there was so much to the place.  Now I want to go!

Today is Sunday and I love Sundays, despite their inescapable proximity to the start of the working week.  It was for that reason (although back then it was the school week) that I used to dislike them, but these days I can’t dislike any days off.  Perversely, I quite like rainy Sundays: the cosiness; the lack of compulsion to go anywhere.  Saturdays tend to be all go, whereas Sunday has evolved in my chill-out day.  I like the laid-back nature of them: cooking the Sunday dinner, opening a nice bottle of red, listening to Elaine Paige and Paul O’Grady on Radio 2, watching ancient repeats of Blockbusters* and 3-2-1…ooh, I sure know how to live!!

*Oh, and Blockbusters – I just love the 90s fashions sported by the teenage contestants (scary to think they’d be in their mid-30s now)!!  Being of a similar age, I was wearing a lot of the same things back then so love the nostalgia trip.  Big hair was in, as were earrings the size of toilet seats, leggings, baggy T-shirts, floppy hats and bold colours.  How cool did we all think we looked!

Here’s an entertaining clip which may dredge up a few memories of 1990s styles and crazes:

Told you this was a random post!


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