If I’m bored, write a blog

That could become my new motto.  Not that I get bored very frequently, nor am I warning that all my future entries will be trite through being borne out of boredom or inactivity rather than a craving to write.  Perhaps I’ve worded that badly.  What I mean is that I feel composing a blog would be a more constructive use of my free time than, say, messing about on Facebook or YouTube or any of the other innumerable websites I frequent.

This is my way of saying I’d like to be a bit more prolific on here.  I am drawing inspiration from friends who are far more fruitful bloggers.  I love to write, of course, and am slowly easing myself back into it after a few months off.  We recently suffered a huge setback in our plans to move house.  My focus on that as yet fruitless venture was what pushed writing to the proverbial backburner.  It feels as though everything has been on hold for months now, including escapist scribblings.

This heartache has taught me it’s never really worth putting life on hold.  Wasn’t it John Lennon who said life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans?

I am coming up with ways to improve this site.  I have updated the Leigh’s Links page and the About Me stuff, and plan putting together a page of some of my favourite videos.  In the meantime, I shall endeavour to adopt the above as a mantra.  If I’m bored, write a blog.  If I’m bored, write a blog.

In the meantime, here’s a gratuitously cute shot of some Smurfs (they’re still for sale, you know):


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