Majella ella ella

I am planning to leap back into the proverbial saddle and revisit my neglected – in fact barely started – manuscript of Majella Bracebridge, my would-be fourth novel.

As I’ve banged on about for too long now, writing (and indeed life itself, or so it feels) has been on hold for months while my husband and I prioritised our – as yet fruitless – quest to move house.  I miss scribbling, and find it physically impossible to suppress my creative side for too long.

I have projects I want to revisit.  Majella, of course, has scarcely got off the ground yet and I have some grand ideas, if I say so myself, for the direction in which to take that 1980s yarn.  I need to churn out a few more short stories for women’s mags too.  I have also been meaning for ages to have my last effort, The Four Matthews, bound into “book” form.

Finding a new place to live must obviously take priority, but there is no reason why in the forthcoming months I shouldn’t again pick up my (again proverbial) pen between house viewings.

As I’ve said before, life cannot be held in abeyance indefinitely.  I can’t forever make excuses not to write, nervous that indulging in something so frivolously decadent as my favourite hobby will somehow jeopardise our quest for a new home.

Maybe the eponymous Majella will even tempt fate: I shall become so embroiled in her exploits that I won’t want to stop writing but will have to because we have contracts to exchange, a removal van to load up, plants to buy for our prospective garden, etc, etc.


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  1. Nina said,

    September 1, 2011 at 8:07 pm

    I guess this just answered my question! Great to hear Majella’s going to be moving on…the story had so much potential from what I remember. Don’t forget to post any updates here! 🙂

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