My favourite track to do zumba to:


I Love Sunday

Saturday has historically been my favourite day of the week, for perhaps obvious reasons.  I’ve always thought of it as my one true “day off,” in that it’s the only day on which I can both indulge in a lie and go to bed late.  Rock ’n‘ roll!  Sounds a bit studenty, maybe, but there you go.

But in recent years I’ve grown fonder of my lazy Sundays.

That sinking “I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow” feeling (which has long replaced the age-old “I’ve got to go back to school tomorrow” utter dread which used to attack the tummy usually around the time Bullseye finished) aside, Sundays deliver simple joys.  Lazy breakfasts, Elaine Paige and Paul O’Grady on Radio 2, reading, clearing out long-uncharted cupboards, cooking the Sunday dinner, indulging in a nice glass of red with said dinner.

This weekend I have had a good clearout of my bedroom wardrobes.  There are few activities more cathartic getting rid of stuff.  A load more of my ancient clothes are charity shop-bound.  I tried a few outfits on which I bought when I was a young waif of a thing – some looked as though they were made for two-year-olds when stretched over my enlarged frame!  It was really rather alarming.

I may yet be a zumba convert…

I attempted zumba again last night.  It was my third time, but first time at this new class.  I went along last night thinking I’d given zumba a fair chance and if I didn’t take to it after three attempts I would call it a day.

It was – dare I say it – better than the one I’d been going to for the previous two weeks.  There was an atmosphere, for a start, with more than 20 of us as opposed to four(!) at the other one.  The routines were far less complicated – though I doubt all the tuition in the world would ever make me a coordinated mover.

It was a brand new class too, so there was no sense that I was the “new girl coming in halfway through.”  There were ladies of all age groups, which I think helped somehow.

Hmm, think I may end up persevering with this one…

Cue Vision On theme tune…

…my Gallery is open!!

I have decided to share a few of the photos I’ve taken on my travels over the years. They are not necessarily in date order, just a few random landscapes for you to enjoy.  I will add to them as and when I take some more nice piccies.

Here is the link:

Shameless self-promotion

May I draw your attention to my latest (and best, IMVHO) novel, The Four Matthews, which I have published on here.  I have just uploaded the final version of my manuscript.

You’ll find the links over there on the left as usual, but to get you started off here is a quick link to the blurb:

And here is Chapter 1: https://leighmathers.wordpress.com/category/novels/the-four-matthews/chapter-1/

Don’t be thrown – it does start with a faux Wikipedia entry, followed by a few other “pre-chapter” bits, before launching into the narrative proper.

To jazz things up a bit, I have added a photo to each chapter, each one representative of the area in which that particular chapter is loosely set. All part of my campaign to reach a wider audience with my writing.

As a Brucie Bonus, you win a bag of crisps if you can guess the “real life” location of each picture.

The Four Matthews by Leigh Mathers

At twenty-six, Naomi Ball has the world at her feet – literally.

She has just quit her job working for the boss from PR hell, and has high hopes of walking into a new career.  To that end, she is off on the historic 50-mile Four Matthews route.

The gorgeous Lyndon Hyde looks set to brighten up her holiday.  In him Naomi finds a kindred spirit, whose passion for walking and rural beauty she shares.

Join her on her life-changing week in the Shropshire and Staffordshire countryside, as she meets such engaging and eccentric characters as bat-loving Hazel Boden, garrulous Shane Craddock the Dieting Dustman from Dudley, the timid Salad Couple, Posturing Polly, the Reverend Ellery Crisp, Pat Codd, Alexandra McClowie, Trannii Minogue, Javier (AKA Colin) and Julian Crowfoot.

And find out whether Naomi and Lyndon are on the right path to love, or if for them there will prove too many insurmountable hills to climb.

Still stumbling through zumba

Went for my second class last night.

Again there were just four of us – albeit a slightly different line-up to last week – so the atmosphere was still not quite partyish.  I still bumbled around with the grace and synchronisation of a pregnant buffalo, though remembered some of the moves as we repeated a few routines from the previous week.

My “favourite” routines are to Sound of the Underground by Girls Aloud and Valerie by Amy Winehouse – probably because they form part of the warm-up and as such involve relatively straightforward steps (note the word “relatively”).

I shall persist…