Shameless self-promotion

May I draw your attention to my latest (and best, IMVHO) novel, The Four Matthews, which I have published on here.  I have just uploaded the final version of my manuscript.

You’ll find the links over there on the left as usual, but to get you started off here is a quick link to the blurb:

And here is Chapter 1:

Don’t be thrown – it does start with a faux Wikipedia entry, followed by a few other “pre-chapter” bits, before launching into the narrative proper.

To jazz things up a bit, I have added a photo to each chapter, each one representative of the area in which that particular chapter is loosely set. All part of my campaign to reach a wider audience with my writing.

As a Brucie Bonus, you win a bag of crisps if you can guess the “real life” location of each picture.


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