I may yet be a zumba convert…

I attempted zumba again last night.  It was my third time, but first time at this new class.  I went along last night thinking I’d given zumba a fair chance and if I didn’t take to it after three attempts I would call it a day.

It was – dare I say it – better than the one I’d been going to for the previous two weeks.  There was an atmosphere, for a start, with more than 20 of us as opposed to four(!) at the other one.  The routines were far less complicated – though I doubt all the tuition in the world would ever make me a coordinated mover.

It was a brand new class too, so there was no sense that I was the “new girl coming in halfway through.”  There were ladies of all age groups, which I think helped somehow.

Hmm, think I may end up persevering with this one…


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