Still bumbling through zumba

No, I haven’t written a blog for weeks.  Sorry about that.  I have continued to update the Gallery and my Inspirational Authors list.

I have persevered with zumba and am thoroughly enjoying my “journey” through it.  I have done about six or seven classes now.  I can have the crappest day at work, and then burning off the day’s comfort-food calorie intake with a few dance moves cannot help but buoy up my flagging spirits.

Here are a couple of my favourite tracks from the instructor’s playlist:

In my fantasies I like to think of zumba classes as my first step towards going on Strictly Come Dancing and getting 10 from Craig Revel Horwood (disregarding the small impediment to that goal, i.e. my lack of celebrity status).

In the meantime, I am absolutely “revelling” (see what I did there) in the current series of Strictly.  That programme is the best thing (in fact probably the only good thing) about winter; as cosy as a hug or a bowl of soup by the fire on a December day.  This crop of celebs is the best ever, in my opinion.  Go Team Dobbin!!


Carr’s a star

Went to see the wonderful Alan Carr two nights ago.  I have to say I do find him truly hilarious.

He talked, among many other things, about how he could never get it together with Gok Wan because if they had kids they would bear the unfortunate surname of WanCarr!!

I must admit seeing Alan at the massive NIA in Birmingham wasn’t quite the same as the intimacy I experienced four years ago when I first saw him live, at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall.  I was on the front row then (fatal, you might think, with a comedian on, but he doesn’t pick on people – only hecklers).  This time around, his image was projected on to big screens.  Ah, he’s gotten far too famous.

Here’s a behind the scenes clip of Alan on this Spexy Beast tour (“I pull back me flaps”):

Gallery updated

I have added a few more piccies to my Gallery following a beautiful walk I did around the village of Tideswell in Derbyshire on Saturday, which happened to be the hottest October day on record.

I am in a Peak District walking group, and the dates for the walks (we do one each season) are actually set at the start of each year.  This one really could not have been planned better.

We followed part of the Monsal Trail, the old railway line now very popular with cyclists and walkers.  We later crossed the River Wye to Litton Mill, through to Cressbrook Dale and the village of Litton.