Happy (Belated) New Year

Ah, there is nothing like a spot of retail therapy to gladden the soul.

Today’s scour around the shoe shops of Sutton Coldfield was borne not of a desire for pretty footwear, but – I’m not proud to admit – pressing necessity, since so many of my shoes were falling apart and destined for the bin.

Our as yet fruitless (when will it ever be fruitful…?) quest to purchase a house has been ongoing for almost a year, and what you might think of as frivolous concerns like buying shoes/clothes, booking holidays, and writing, have been shoved to the proverbial back burner.  Hence I have started to resemble a homeless person of late.  Also, in fairness, I have never been one of those women who is besotted with shoes and owns, say, 200 pairs.

In truth, a new pair of walking boots or trainers is apt to set my juices flowing more readily than, say, heels or Uggs.  In fact I have never been a fan of high heels.  I am tall anyway, and would feel like Miranda Hart in stilettos.  I tend to be sensibly shod, believing in flat-footed comfort before tottering glamour, which probably sounds hideously frumpy but there you go.

Talking of writing, I have ambitions to self-publish.  I have had three of my novels bound professionally (which is not the same as self-publishing, of course, but merely a means to convert my scribblings into actual “book” form) but am now seriously considering producing The Four Matthews as an eBook.  I know a few fellow authors who have gone down this route, and it seems very much the way to progress nowadays.

I have devoured this article:


(which I have added to my Links page) and started to entertain ambitions to get my work “out there” – and perhaps make a bit of money in the process.

Right, there’s a few random meanderings for a Saturday afternoon for you.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to attending Strictly Come Dancing in Birmingham.  I am still suffering cold turkey following the conclusion of the latest – and, in my opinion, best – TV series.