Moving Story

I am delighted to declare that Nathan and I have finally, FINALLY, exchanged contracts on the sale of our property and we move house the end of April!!!

After far too long flat-dwelling, we are moving to an actual HOUSE – detached, on two floors, with a path, and stairs, and a GARDEN and everything!!

As my regular reader(s) will know, our adventures in attempting to sell and buy property have been a source of huge frustration for a few years now.  But now proceedings are finally legally binding and there is no going back. The word “Journey” has become very overused in recent years – thanks X Factor – but I do feel my husband and I truly have gone on the Journey in every sense.

Someday – when I have distanced myself sufficiently from the trauma – I may write about it.  I’m sure there is at least one novel in all of this.

I have even ordered my first ever gardening book for beginners – courtesy of good old Alan Titchmarsh!  I don’t care how “patronising” it is; in fact I am hoping it is of the “This is grass, this is soil, this is a weed” variety as I know literally NOTHING about gardening.