Things I just don’t get

1. Simply Red
My particular aversion to Mick Hucknall has been so well-known within my (small) circle of friends and family for 20+ years, it’s become a cliché.  He gives me the heebie-geebies, and the manner in which the Stars album was revered as the Second Coming back in the 90s still baffles me more than it really ought to.

2. The Wii
Really don’t understand the appeal, especially to adults.  I find computer games in general juvenile and dull, and to me the Wii just seems (controversial viewpoint alert) like a chav’s idea of exercise (“Ooh, I doe need to bother gooin’ to the gym or gooin’ out for walks and breathing in actual fresh air and stuff, I’ve gorra Wii.”).
<Stands back and waits to be flamed.>

3. Russell Brand
Always looks like he needs a good wash to me.

4. John Bishop
Admired him for doing the triathlon, I suppose, just don’t rate him as a comedian.

Never seen it, to be fair.  Never intend to either.

6. Bjork
Her voice makes me want to stab myself.

7. Top Gear
If I want to watch a gang of overgrown schoolboys driving too fast, I’ll hang around my local Tesco car park after dark.

8. “Eyelashes” on car headlights
Just WTF??

9. The phrase “We’re pregnant.”
When did it suddenly become trendy to say this?  Bonus points if the male half of the couple says it.  Sorry, I know it’s lovely when dads want to be involved and all, but it just sounds priggish and overly PC to me (not to mention physically impossible).  How far do you take it?  “We’re breastfeeding.”  “Our milk is leaking.”
<Awaits flaming once more.>

10. People (well usually women, I have to say) going out in their jimjams
I saw someone at the Tesco petrol station recently in her dressing gown, PJs and fluffy slippers.  I had to stop for a minute and wonder whether it was Red Nose Day.  Is it really so much effort to pull on a pair of leggings and a jumper?