In praise of Catherine O’Flynn

Am reading a great book at the mo: The News Where You Are by Catherine O’Flynn.  It’s set in Birmingham, which is always a bonus (so few novels are), in a regional newsroom.  I must admit it’s my first foray into the works of Catherine O’Flynn, and I do admire her witty, warm style.  I know just a few chapters in that this is going to be my kind of story.  Brummie and Black Country humour is THE best.

The main protagonist is Frank Allcroft, a regional TV news reporter with a cheesy line in painful puns.  I never worked in television, but during my very brief foray into the world of local newspapers I met numerous “characters” – for want of a more colourful epithet – of the variety encountered by poor Frank.

I would now like to read What Was Lost by the same author, which is apparently set in a shopping mall modelled on the (in?)famous Merry Hill Centre in which I wasted many an hour during my Black Country youth, eyeing up lads or buying tapes (never CDs in those days) from Our Price.

Authors like Catherine are such an unbelievable inspiration to me.  I am convinced there are still a few more chapters left in me.  I won’t give up just yet.

You can read more about Catherine here:


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