Majella Lives!

This evening I was determined I was going to make a return to writing, and revisit Majella Bracebridge, the 1980s-set novel I tentatively started about two years ago.  Pathetic as it sounds, it actually took some courage to even open the files on my computer which contain the first chapter, my mapping out of the MB plot and my various notes and research.  But when I did my spirits soared.  It just felt so good to be thinking about words, consulting the thesaurus, pulling apart sentences.

Aside from my blog and diary, I have not written a word for nearly two years, due to looking for a house/moving house/doing up our house taking up so much of my time and energy.  But of late, the dormant urge to be creative has been reignited.

I would like to explore self-publishing someday.  It’s on my bucket list.  In fact I am compiling a list of “40 things to do when I am 40” (I have just over four years to go) and that list includes self-publishing my last novel The Four Matthews and this yet-to-be-written Majella Bracebridge.

I have made one or two modifications to the opening chapter of Majella Bracebridge.  You can read the revamped version here:

If you feel like critiquing it, please be kind.  Remember these are my first words of fiction in what feels like a lifetime, and I am rustier than Dusty Bin.