For old skool Neighbours fans

Today’s random “That makes me feel ancient” thought: this year (well technically last year) would have been Scott and “Chaarloyyne” Robinson’s silver wedding anniversary!!

That’s right: it’s 25 (26) years since a young Kylie walked down the aisle with her bubble perm, to the strains of Angry Anderson belting out “Suddenlee you’re heeearing meee,” to tie the knot with lovely Jason and his mullet.

And yes, before any pedants pull me up on my maths, that legendary wedding occurred in Australia in 1987, but due to us UK viewers being 12 months behind back then, it wasn’t televised over here until 1988.

I had my tea in front of the telly that night, aged 11.  I remember brushing away an errant tear as the characters, including Mrs Mangel and Harold Bishop, cast those cheesy “loving” looks at one another across the church.

I haven’t watched Neighbours since I was at school, and Kylie and Jason obviously haven’t been a couple for several years, but I like to think that as Scott and Charlene they are on some level still together, raising their family in Brisbane, that well-known haven of exiled Neighbours/Home and Away characters.

Take it away Angry Anderson…


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