Doreen’s Story

This is an example of Black Country humour, which has recently “gone viral” on YouTube:

Doreen’s Story is a mockumentary made by Black Country writer/director David Tristram, in which Doreen Tipton – the sort of lady you might expect to see crop up on Jeremy Kyle – bemoans her ailment, Lazy Cow Syndrome.

I have no idea how actress Gill Jordan kept a straight face. I just love her sincerity (“The kids have been brilliant, they’ve been really supportive.”), and the unfolding ridiculousness of the monologue, which is belied by the deadpan style.

A sitcom pilot starting Doreen, in which we are introduced to other characters including her charming daughters Trojan and Tangerine, has also been made, which is even funnier:


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  1. December 28, 2015 at 6:50 pm

    […] Gill Jordan and her “lazy cow” alter ego, the legendary Doreen Tipton (click on this link: for an explanation about Doreen) at a showing of her hilarious movie.  The Black Country accent […]

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