Whisky Tango Foxtrot!

Today’s First World rant: why don’t people use the phonetic alphabet anymore? (And, incidentally, typing that just made me wonder why phonetic is not spelt “fenetically.” There’s an irony in that somewhere – along the same lines as “dyslexia” being a tricky word to spell, or “monosyllabic” consisting of five syllables!)

Anyway, I thought the whole idea of assigning to each letter a word with a distinct pronunciation was to avoid confusion between similar letter sounds and make spelling unambiguous. I thought Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc, was common knowledge.

It would appear not.

All too frequently, I will give out a postcode over the phone, for example “4 Sierra Tango” (that’s not part of my real postcode, so do not attempt to stalk me), only to be met with a perplexed “Sierra Tango – what d’ya mean? That a place, loike?”

So I give up trying to be clever and say “4ST.”

“4FD?” comes the inevitable bemused reply, thus ironically demonstrating the need for the phonetic alphabet in the first place! Grrr!!

The title of this post, incidentally, is one of my favourite expletive substitutes. I have frequent cause to use it in this crackpot world we live in. Now at last I get a justifiable reason to use it in a blog!

Yes, I am getting more ranty in my old age. I made a New Year Resolution to write more, which includes writing more blogs. Whenever a rant such as this pops into my head, I intend to share it with you. Sort of Blog Tourette’s.


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