Retro Blog 2

I have been rereading the wonderful What Was Lost by Catherine O’Flynn. It’s a bittersweet experience in a way, as while I’m loving the story I also itch with jealousy that CO’F writes so wonderfully and apparently effortlessly about a setting with which I am very familiar.

So I thought this an appropriate time for another retro blog. I will re-share with you the one I wrote in praise of this gem of a novel the first time I read it last year:

I am actually quite proud of that blog, even if my title is less than original. My enthusiasm for the book certainly leaps off the screen. What Was Lost is a book about which I use the adjective “inspirational.”


Retro blog 1

Here, for a change, is a retro blog.

I’ve been rereading, for the first time in years, this piece about my acquiring my first (and thus far only) tattoo:

As you may know, I am making tenative plans for my distant 40th birthday, and my “40 things” I’d like to do to commemorate the occasion, which include getting a second tattoo. Thoughts of potential designs to decorate my other shoulder got me harking back to my first inking, a shocking (to me anyway) 12 years ago. Revisiting my account of the experience was genuinely engaging and nostalgic.

I plan delving through my other past scribblings and re-sharing a few with you. I have been doing this blog for almost six years now, so there are plenty to choose from…