My next chapter

Chapter 7 of Majella Bracebridge is up on the site:

I am taking a break from my main character Majella and attempting to tell the next couple of chapters in other characters’ voices. I’m being a bit experimental.

I really want to convey here an undercurrent; a sense that underneath all the Arctic Roll and other domestic small talk, Mother is worried about Majella and her apparent apathy and lack of work following her initial success. I am also trying to get a sense that Majella’s classmates from drama school are starting to “overtake” her, gain more high profile jobs in showbiz, while she is resting on her laurels somewhat.

I am going to make Majella subsequently suffer from depression (cos I’m nice like that) and am aiming here to build up a sense of foreboding heading towards that. Hopefully I achieve that…


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  1. Sam Roberts (SammoR) said,

    March 16, 2014 at 1:18 am

    Aww! Poor Majella! Maybe if it gets made on TV, she could be played (the present day Majella that is) by Gill Jordan (Doreen the ‘lazy cow’ from You Tube).

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