Retro Blog 3

Working on Chapter 8 of Majella Bracebridge, which takes place at Majella’s drama school reunion, I was reminded of this little story, which I penned about 10 years ago:

In Puppet Love, I wrote about what became of the stars of a fictitious 1980s kids’ show which I called The Mo & Bo Show. That show crops up in Chapter 8, when one of Majella’s old classmates get a job on it.

Rereading this short story after so long fascinated me. I wrote with the confidence of youth (I wish I still possessed confidence and youth); I wrote with chutzpah – I’ve always liked that word! Chutzpah!! I’m not Jewish, but that’s a word I love to shoehorn into a sentence as often as I can (which is not very). I’ve always liked to give my writing a Black Country accent, and this piece packed a Yam Yam punch.

Mo the mischievous panda and his dim lop-eared rabbit sidekick Bo are based on beloved cuddly toys of my own; I thought it would be fun to stick them in a TV show, which on the subsequent wave of 80s nostalgia becomes a cult classic. It seemed too good a premise not to revisit for my current novel, which celebrates all things retro and West Midlands.


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