Striiictlyyyyy!!! It’s back!

And so series 12 of my gorgeous Strictly began last night. Oh, it’s like putting on an old pair of slippers. It’s like right, that’s it, my Saturday nights are complete now until Christmas.

It feels so cosy, like reuniting with a dear old friend. It’s what I used to call when I was little “a nice friendly programme” (I had some wonderfully inventive expressions when I was a kid, if I say so myself); it stretches out its big soft sequinned arms and envelopes you in a massive hug. I just love it.

With the first six contestants dancing last night and the remaining nine tonight, my early favourites are Jake, Alison (so good to see a Brummie on the show), Simon and Pixie. And Gregg Wallace took dad dancing to a whole new level.

Just park me on the sofa for the next three months, occasionally refill my wine glass, and I’m happy.