New beginnings

Well hello to you (I feel like Miranda here) – and a very belated Happy New Year to you, dear reader(s)!!

I can’t believe my last blog was in celebration of the return of Strictly Come Dancing, and I rejoin you now at a stage where the most recent series is long finished and I have already been to see the live show on tour.

2014 was an odd year in many ways, but 2015 shall be a year of new beginnings. I am filled with a new determination.

I have, for the first time in my life, joined a gym. I am thus far enjoying my healthier lifestyle. It’s marked a change in routine for me. I never thought I would be able to fit regular body attack classes, treadmill runs and abdominal crunches into my life, but here I am! This shall be the year of “thinking outside the box,” which is one of those dreadful buzz phrases I usually detest but seems somehow apt in this scenario.

This afternoon I have had a long overdue reread of Majella Bracebridge. It’s been so criminally long since I did any writing, I needed to refresh my memory so that I know whence my resumed narrative needs to leave off. Reading my own output is always such a personal, emotional experience.

I really, really need to get back into writing. I do love it, but feel so very out of practice. I need to just do it; exercise my writing muscle. I read and read too, for research purposes; enjoy and absorb authors who possess a wonderful way with words.

Why do I just sit there pathetically with a pen in my hand, not daring to make a mark on the paper? I long for the freedom where I can just take my pen for a walk across the page, with my eyes shut even, almost as if I am drunk. I need to be creative. Even if there is nobody there to read what I produce, I need to just churn out language. Even if I never get published, even if I never become the next Marian Keyes, I have my own unique voice and I deserve to express myself.

We all need our hobbies and interests. What are mine? Writing, working out in the gym, tai chi, walking, cooking, eating, drinking, going to the theatre, concerts, history, gardening, visiting places of interest, entering competitions. I need to focus on those; explore my passions. Life is for living to the full, after all.