Reflections on 2015

And so here we are again, at the close of yet another year.  One in which I have been somewhat less than prolific on here (what’s new, eh?).

2015 has been an interesting, up and down year. I’ve managed to lose 1.5 stone and gain a new job along the way, and also fit in a fab holiday to Crete and a couple of spa breaks in between.

Another highlight was meeting the wonderful Black Country actress Gill Jordan and her “lazy cow” alter ego, the legendary Doreen Tipton (click on this link: for an explanation about Doreen) at a showing of her hilarious movie.  The Black Country accent and humour are woefully underrepresented in the media.  I belly laughed at that film like I hadn’t done in years.

Here is a pic of me and my hubby with “Doreen” in character:

Us with Dor

(The Lazy Cow is the one in the middle, by the way.)

I promise that in 2016 I will devote more time to writing.  I promise I will share more chapters of the never-ending Majella Bracebridge saga with you on here.  I have been unforgivably lax with my writing this year.  I have made too many excuses, citing too much stress at work or too much to do in the house as reasons for not sitting down and being creative.  I know I need to make the effort to do things I enjoy in my spare time; to appreciate and enjoy my free time.

I am also edging dangerously towards my 40th birthday, and the “40 things to do at 40” bucket-ish list here: continues to evolve and grow.

Happy New Year, one and all!! xxx


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