Oh my COD – another chapter!

Chapter 10 of Majella Bracebridge is now live: https://leighmathers.wordpress.com/category/novels/majella-bracebridge/chapter-10/

This is my longest chapter to date, and recounts the lovely Majella’s experiences on and off the set of a really quite dreadful low-budget film named The Crash of Destiny (AKA The COD).  It’s been a long time coming, I appreciate, and I did have enormous fun writing it.

I have now produced something resembling a coherent, comprehensive manuscript, which you can read from here: https://leighmathers.wordpress.com/category/novels/majella-bracebridge/chapter-1-majella-bracebridge/ to here: https://leighmathers.wordpress.com/category/novels/majella-bracebridge/chapter-16/

Yes, I know the chapters are listed in the menu in a confusing, alphabetic rather than numeric manner, although I have now added to the bottom of each chapter a link to the next one, to enable you to follow the narrative a bit more smoothly.

The novel isn’t fully finished, though.  I am now going to reread the whole thing, and make notes about things I can add or amend.  I suppose – in the same manner as tai chi is never fully learned, and housework is never complete – no manuscript is ever finished, meaning that there is always infinite room for improvement; you just reach a point where you have to say enough is enough and move on to your next project (or ‘pro-ject,’ as Russell Varden – who features prominently in Chapter 10 – would pronounce it).

By the way, this won’t be the last you see of Jessica, another new character who features in Chapter 10.  I intend making her the heroine of my next novel, which is to be set in the 90s…