The Four Matthews by Leigh Mathers

At twenty-six, Naomi Ball has the world at her feet – literally.

She has just quit her job working for the boss from PR hell, and has high hopes of walking into a new career.  To that end, she is off on the historic 50-mile Four Matthews route.

The gorgeous Lyndon Hyde looks set to brighten up her holiday.  In him Naomi finds a kindred spirit, whose passion for walking and rural beauty she shares.

Join her on her life-changing week in the Shropshire and Staffordshire countryside, as she meets such engaging and eccentric characters as bat-loving Hazel Boden, garrulous Shane Craddock the Dieting Dustman from Dudley, the timid Salad Couple, Posturing Polly, the Reverend Ellery Crisp, Pat Codd, Alexandra McClowie, Trannii Minogue, Javier (AKA Colin) and Julian Crowfoot.

And find out whether Naomi and Lyndon are on the right path to love, or if for them there will prove too many insurmountable hills to climb.