Dawn Raid on Lidl

In 250 words, write a mini-story that a shopping list might tell, including character(s) and place.

Example: Baked beans, bread, soya milk, chocolate, coffee, lettuce, cigarettes, hand cream.

You might begin: ‘It was 10am on a hot Tuesday in late August, and Jake was running across the park towards the corner shop …’

Dawn Raid on Lidl

‘Batten down those hatches,’ urged the excitable breakfast show DJ, ‘we’re in for a seriously chilly one.  And this snow that’s on its way looks set to stick for the weekend, so get your shopping done early folks.’

Dawn had a habit of acting too literally upon advice, and the onset of extreme weather constituted an emergency on her scale.

It was eight on a Saturday, and she was enjoying the first coffee of the day with the kitchen radio for company.  Within five minutes of the weather warning, though, she was in her woollies and waterproofs, coffee abandoned, car keys primed and a spontaneous shopping list squiggled on the envelope which had contained her latest gas bill.

The morning sky was a malevolent foil-grey, and by the time Dawn parked outside Lidl the promised snow was pelting down.

‘Can’t hang about,’ she said to herself as she shakily steered a trolley into the store.  She hurtled around the aisles, shopping for a blizzard, reciting her supplies list.  ‘Loo roll multipack, de-icer, bread, milk, two tins of soup, no best make that four, better stock up on Lemsips, in case I come down with something, tissues – ditto.’

When Dawn drove home, boot stocked with bulging bags, the snow had already ceased.  The radio warnings proved unfounded, no blizzard materialised, and Dawn bought no more soup or loo rolls for two months.