Leigh’s Links

Leigh’s Links

My Open University course blog

Read all about Nancy Carson, published author of many Black Country love stories and a friend of mine to boot.

Junying is an incredibly talented writer and has self-published two novels on Amazon Kindle, both semi-autobiographical about life in China.

Nick Corbett writes about redeeming the city. ARDEN is a powerful story of urban life, intrigue and adventure. Out now as a paperback and eBook.

Nina Jervis is now a professional writer who provides, among many other services, help with CV writing.

An interesting article about self-publishing.

If you’ve had a fab meal and want to tell the world about it, you can contribute a restaurant review here. I did – my review of Shiraz, an Iranian restaurant in Birmingham, dated 12th October 2006, is here: http://www.sugarvine.com/birmingham/reviews/review_detail.asp?restaurantid=22882&name=Shiraz


1 Comment

  1. Junying Kirk said,

    August 23, 2011 at 11:19 am

    Thanks a lot for the link, Leigh. You’ve been working hard with your writings too :).

    Will take a look at some of them after I finish my current editing.

    Happy writing, my friend!

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